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Odin Norse God


Odin (Wotan, Woden) was the Father of all Gods and men. He was worshiped throughout disparate cultures and has conflicting legends ascribed to him. He appears in guises ranging from a hunched old man with one eye wearing a deep slouch hat to the "Allfather" of gods and men. Some legends have him as a mighty wizard and others as a mortal king who lead his people to their new homeland. He could travel to any realm in the nine worlds. His two raven companions, Huginn and Munin (Thought and Memory) fly over Midgard (the world of men) and return daily to tell him what has happened. He is the god of magick, wisdom, wit and learning. During Viking times he was associated with war and bloodshed, although not in earlier times. In order to gain the knowledge and power of the runes, Odin hangs himself upside down on the Tree of Yggdrasill.

Though some today consider him the equivalent of Zeus or Jupiter in the Norse pantheon, the Romans actually equated him with Mercury.

7" x 6 1/4" ResinPlus Plaque, blue wash finish, #OP




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January 24, 2013

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